Stop Crying​/​Dying (A Collection of Platonic Love Songs)

by Little Tyrant

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First legit debut release


released February 18, 2015

Everything - Matt Diamond



all rights reserved


Little Tyrant Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

genderqueer tunes for genderqueer goons


My new band is JANK

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Track Name: Security Deposit
I get out of bed

Dream of punching holes in my wall

but I can’t

Because it comes out of my security deposit

And I can’t afford the loss

After all that I’ve spent

After all I’ve tossed into the toilet

So I’ll keep on dragging my feet

Across these nicely finished hardwood floors

Until i get to the sink

And stare at spot where the bottles could be
Track Name: Mediocre Bedding
You crept right through the door

to look up was a chore

I couldn’t move my body

Yet I could feel you sweep over me

And I was late to your wedding

I got you both some mediocre bedding

I sat at the bar and I smoked some cigars

Is this what growing up is?
Track Name: Wastin' Away
you're wastin' away
Track Name: Sooner
I don’t feel like putting on my make up today

The blush is getting dim and the foundation just won’t stay

So I’ll bat my eyes until their as dry as your humor

It’s cold and the house is empty and you couldn’t get home any sooner
Track Name: Light
don’t leave my side, don’t leave my side

I love your eyes, I love your smile

don’t leave my side, don’t leave my side

you are my light, you keep me bright
Track Name: Cute Little Wreck
You cute, you cute little wreck

Like a ship that’s crashed into an iceberg

but continues to float out to sea

You’re a cute little wreck, just like me
Track Name: Everyone who Wants to Kiss me is on the Internet
everyone who wants to kiss me is on the internet, and I'm okay with that

and everyone that I wanna kiss is on the internet, it's not that intricate