by Little Tyrant

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A few audio rips from facebook vidos


released December 20, 2014

Little Tyrant is Matt Diamond



all rights reserved


Little Tyrant Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

genderqueer tunes for genderqueer goons


My new band is JANK

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Track Name: choke
I get out of bed

Dream of punching holes in my wall

but I can’t

Because it comes out of my security deposit

And I can’t afford the loss

After all that I’ve spent

After all I’ve tossed into the toilet

So I’ll keep on dragging my feet

Across these nicely finished hardwood floors

Until i get to the sink

And stare at spot where the bottles could be
Track Name: writhe
cry your fuckin’ eyes out all you want

I’m not impressed, I’m not better than you

I’m depressed, just another confused 20 something

in city, distressed, looking for something that’s hard to address

Am i even fucking alive, or did the pills that took, take me out of the book that I thought that I was living in
Track Name: sob
You cute, you cute little wreck

Like a ship that’s crashed into an iceberg

but continues to float out to sea

You’re a cute little wreck, just like me
Track Name: wheeze
It’s 1 pm before i get out bed

Too late to make coffee but it wouldn’t matter anyway

I’m too apathetic to wake myself up for the day

I could sit down and try call up my mom

But I’m afraid that if I did that I’d be talking too long

and remember everything that happened back home

I’m trying my best not to fuck things up for myself this time

And I’m not sad because I’m lonely, i’m lonely because i’m so fucking sad inside.

But at the very least I know that it can’t get much worse than this, unless secretly I want it to.