by Little Tyrant

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This was recorded in three days in a tiny bedroom in North Philly in Garageband with absolutely no aspirations whatsoever. Enjoy.

TW: Some songs cover light gender dysphoria and suicide/self-harm mention


released June 29, 2015

Matt Diamond- everything

Album art by Zoe Reynolds (thank u~)



all rights reserved


Little Tyrant Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

genderqueer tunes for genderqueer goons


My new band is JANK

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Track Name: Validate
It's hard to fall asleep
When I'm only comfortable in the morning
And it's tough to not pick my scabs
because I like to be reminded of what made them

And I'll keep staring at a picture of myself
In hopes that enough compliments will validate it
and everything is bullshit when it takes waiting for a loading bar
to finish up, i've emptied out my cup because I'm full

And I am only comfortable in the morning
Track Name: Security Deposit
I get out of bed
dream of punching holes in my wall
but I can't
because it comes out of my security deposit

and i can't afford the loss
after all that i've spent
after all that i've tossed right into the toilet

so i'll keep on dragging my feet
across these nicely finished hardwood floors
till I get to the sink and I stare at the spot where the bottles could be
Track Name: Mediocre Bedding
You crept right through the door
to look up was a chore
i couldn't move my body
and yet i could feel you just sweep over me

and i was late to your wedding
i got you both some mediocre bedding
i sat at the bar and i smoked some cigars
is this what growing up is?

it is
Track Name: 22nd & Market
Stopping dead in your tracks
When you felt so beautiful beautiful
but you still feel bad
so you just rest your head
for a couple billion million trillion hundred years
or i guess that's what it feels like
when you're riding you bike
past 22nd and market
Track Name: Fingertips
My fingertips are getting sore
from writing songs about how sore my fingertips are
and I know this can't be real
and I know this can't last for more than what is ideal

Throw me straight into the sun
or whatever is most convenient for you in the long run
because everything needs
because everything leaves

My fingertips are getting sore
from writing songs about how sore my fingertips are
and everything fucking leaves
but always come back in waves
always come back in waves
Track Name: Writhe
Cry your fucking eyes out all you want
Not impressed, I'm not better than you I'm depressed
Just another confused 20 something year old
in the city distressed, looking for something that's hard to address

am I even fucking alive
or did the pills that I took take me out of the book
that I thought I was living in

Cry your fucking eyes out all you want
Track Name: Sail
And I promise not to get too upset
When I wake up and I'm not in your apartment
Covered in cat hair, in need of a shower
Falling back to sleep on your floor every hour
And I was so scared for the longest goddamn time
that my understanding of human interaction was lost
and something I thought I'd never be able to find

And maybe it's selfish of me
to be dreaming about things so far out of reach
but can you blame me for feeling like I could breach the gates of hell
and sail like it's going out of style

And I promise not to get too upset
when I wake up and I'm not in your apartment
Covered in cat hair, in need of a shower
falling back to sleep on your floor every hour

because in the end it's just a passing fad
because in the end it's just a passing fad
but it feels good to be human again

it feels good to be human again
for now
Track Name: Sooner
I don't feel like putting on my makeup today
The blush is getting dim
The foundation just won't stay
So I'll bat my eyes until they're as dry as your humor
It's cold and the house is empty
And you couldn't get home any sooner
Track Name: Best Friend
You were only as strong
as your weakest link
but your entire chain
was rusted far beyond relief
you finally were about to sink
but you started to think
that maybe life's not so bad

you put me through
so much secondhand stress
to the point where i was afraid
of leaving the house at your expense
but no matter what situation that we're in
I'll always love and care for you
because you are and will always be
my best friend
Track Name: Sob Story
And you are nothing
without the people who love you
the people who hold you up
and make you feel alive when you don't
And it's okay to feel sad some of the time
but don't make it rule you
don't make it your sob story

and when our bones are aching
from a fucked up night of drinking
they'll be there
Track Name: Alien
And I could never cut myself
because of my low tolerance to pain
and I could never burn myself
because I was too afraid of the flame

and I could never figure out
how i would end it
so I guess I'll chill right here for now
and keep on pretending
keep on pretending

Sometimes I feel like a gender
and others just like an alien
so I've stopped trying to figure out
which one of them is more conventional
and I'm tired of getting into arguments
because it feels like I am falling off of mountains
anxiety disorders sound cute and quirky on paper
but it's a living fucking hell

Well if there are rock solid composures
then mine takes the form of a sponge
so many times have i been pushed to the point
where the only option left is the plunge
but why i haven't done it yet
the answer I haven't been able to find
so I guess until then I'll just sit in my room
And I'll wait for you
to come hit me up sometime